9 Months Later…

Remember this? I’m planning to spend the summer holidays with Mum and Dad in Northumberland as I’d like to check out Newcastle as a potential move following my PGCE and… well, because Mum and Dad are awesome.  – Zoe, 23/05/2017 Ahem, sooo… I kickstarted teacher training at the end of August 2017 with a team […]

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China #3: The Land of I don’t care, I want to go home… Huzhou, China to London, England

Surprise. I mean given my last blog post I guess it’s not really surprising that I’ve returned to England. My job wasn’t working out for me and China was aggressively getting on my tits on a daily basis. Yes, I might have left on a particularly shitty note; storming out of the office whilst demanding […]

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British Summer Time

I don’t ever remember summer in England being this damn HOT! Of course, it helps that I didn’t experience much of a summer last year, accidentally swapping out my regular mid year sunshine for rainy days in Adelaide. I’d already completed the hard graft of landing my next job before arriving back in the UK, […]

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