10 Things I Probably Definitely Shouldn’t Be Doing at Lvl 25

I was going to ask you if it’s ok to write ANOTHER scathing (yet empowering) blog post about my life choices, but really… it’s my blog, and I’ll cry if I want to. I mean, a different, more successful travel blog might give you the top ten tips on how to wipe your bum in India, but I have to be totally honest with you…

I know nothing… (that is likely to help you).

On days like today where I’m just the right amount of pissed off (and lonely… /sadface), I turn to my blog to vent in the form of numbered bullet points. And so, here I have a list of things that I do on a regular basis that I probably shouldn’t be doing anymore. As an adult. With a very important job.

Here goes:

1. I laugh at people when they fall off of their chairs. I don’t even try to hide it. It’s that sort of upside down grin that people do. D:

2. I try really hard to listen to new music, but somehow I always end up repeating the same song (found halfway through a playlist made up of the Hairspray soundtrack, Twenty One Pilots and Justin Beiber).

3. I only shave the parts of me that are going to be visible on that day. My thighs are all kinds of furry. 

4. I sing in the car on long journeys and then suddenly stop when I remember that Big Brother is listening through my car radio. Yep.

5. I’ve just spent Easter weekend in a navy blue onesie made for men. I did go out in public… at least five times.

6. I reward myself for eating salad with bars of chocolate and days in bed. 

7. I wear frilly socks. White ones.

8. Following #7; I don’t know how to wear normal clothes. The kids at school think I’m a hippy. I only wish I was that cool.

9. When I read, I read in my head as though I am reading out loud to a theatre audience.

10. I’m a confused being, and I know this because I have to think long and hard about whether the tissue/tampon goes in the bin or in the toilet.

Btw, I have absolutely no intention of changing any of these things any time soon. Do you have anything to confess?

On a completely unrelated note to my confessions, if you read my latest update you’ll know I was offered a place on a teacher training course. I have now passed the professional skills tests and will be beginning the training at the end of August. I suppose this is my way of warning you all, should my School Die-Wrecked Programme finish me off, I’m sorry… because I know that you will struggle to live without my biannual blog posts.

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