Diary Of A Chalet Chef Girl: Week 7, Mopping The Floor With My Tears (And Just Being A General Saddo)… Andorra

Week 7 of my Andorran Adventure seems like years ago now. At the time, I was having a mini break down. I had serious issues with being away from home and the one person I missed the most was my not-so-little brother.

I started the week by perking myself up with a brand, spanking new pair of goggles, which I promptly face planted the floor with and scratched to fuck. Pash chose them out of this little glass case in the Nordic sports shop and I fell in love with them. They make me infinitely cooler than I have ever been before in my life.

With this new found coolness and a donated pair of salopets (mine now had a gaping hole in the vagina) I declared that I would venture from the nursery slope and challenge myself on runs to Soldeu. Obviously, I was kinda drunk… and the next day I bottled it BIG style. However, Pash still managed to push me onto my first ever blue run.

Which I did make it down in one piece. Just.

This pretty much sums up that blue run.

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Without even realising, this was the last time that I would come down the slopes with Pash… as she went home the following Sunday 😦 Sad panda.

On Saturday night I let all the tears flow. I was crying about everything. And once the goodbyes were done… I cried some more. Over the mop bucket, whilst cleaning down the kitchen. It was so pathetic that it should be embarrassing. But instead… I just have no words or feelings to describe how sad I was being. It was tragic.

With the departure of Pash came the arrival of Claire. Who turned out to be awesome, Australian and just as emotional as Gabs and I were becoming. As you can imagine, the mid season blues hit with full force as we all decided that killing ourselves was the only way out of preparing yet another lasagne or baking yet another lemon drizzle cake.

I’m not gunna lie, things were pretty bleak and they didn’t really get much better in the next week. But with the good comes the bad, and I’m pleased to announce that I haven’t yet killed myself.

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