Diary Of A Chalet Chef Girl: Week 1 & 2, Training… Andorra

As soon as I was offered my chalet job I got straight online to find a Diary Of A Chalet Girl blog. Which I did find, but at the time, the girl had busted her knee skiing… and that kinda freaked me out. Now that I’m here, I realise how little there is about this lifestyle available to anyone interested in trying it. So here it is… Diary Of A Chalet Chef Girl.

I was absolutely beyond excited about the idea of a white Christmas and becoming a pro snowboarder… but anyone that knows me is completely correct in thinking that I would probably hate the cold, would kill myself on ice or would spend all of my days off in the spa pretending I was somewhere hot. After just two days, I surprised myself and everyone else, with loving every single aspect of being in Andorra in the winter.

On arrrival the snow was falling in bucket loads, the cars were buried and I was freezing my tits off but it was the most immense feeling in the world.

During training the girls shared a room at the top of the chalet. We called it a team building exercise. I believe all it did was drive us all further insane, but that seems to have worked out well for us. We later moved to lower rooms but Gabs and I still ended up spooning in a double bed for warmth. Adjusting to -11 degrees Celsius just wasn’t something I thought I would have to do whilst inside.

Over those first two weeks we spent a week solid in the kitchen practising the dishes we would be cooking for our guests arriving on the 21st December. It was at this point that I realised I was completely out of my depth. I’m not a chef. Why am I here? But I guess this was what the training period was for. Since the day my guests arrived things have run pretty smoothly, and I owe it to all the training.

With preparing all of these meals came overindulging in all the wrong foods. Three times a day we were eating three course meals laden with carbs and fat. By the end of week one, we all feared that we had gained a hell of a lot of weight. Fortunately, starving myself since has worked wonders on reversing all the damage.

By the way guys, I had my first ever snowboarding lesson! I knew I was going to suck… but so much of me wanted to be naturally good at it. It turns out my prediction of sucking ass was correct. It was in this lesson that I found I have no balance or logic. I also discovered that I ride goofy and the GoPro my parents bought me is every bit as awesome as I thought it would be.

For example, here is my first encounter with a board. It’s a special moment.

The GoPro shone again when we found ourselves on the Soldeu by Night excursion (please see instagram for a little clip). After many an innuendo about diving into a ring we sledged down the mountain on tiny penis sledges (def: sledges with plastic penises to hold on to).

We also had a beautiful team meal out and we spent nights in watching Frozen and making cornflake cakes.

And that, folks, pretty much sums up my first couple of weeks in Andorra. Now on to the funny stories about guests.

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