Rubber Dinghy Rapids At Aquopolis… La Pineda, Spain

As an almost extension to my post about our days out at PortAventura… here is a post about our day out at Aquopolis! Aquopolis is a water park and dolphinarium in La Pineda, Spain. We chose to save it until Brother and Alex arrived on the scene and I’m glad I did. That way, I didn’t have to get on the slides that rip you a new anus just to keep Mike company.

We arrived early. After getting to PortAv early and barely having to queue we thought it was our best option. Mike was also losing his water park virginity and wanted to squeeze every single second out of the day. The queue was quite large and the doors opened dead on 11AM. I seriously recommend booking your tickets in advance on the website. We paid 14.90 euros each for entry on the cheap day (Tuesday).

Once inside the park we quickly found sunbeds near a pool. Somewhere easy to get to and quiet-ish. In my experience, water parks are always busy on sunny days and it was glorious. There was no way I was going the whole day without a sunbed. However, going right at the end of the season, on 9th September 2014, we needn’t have worried. There were beds available all day.
If you do visit in the height of the season you can always hire one of these luxury beds away from all the children. Some of them even included a couple of free drinks… ooOOOOooo.
Fancy pants estate
If you take any valuables with you it would be sensible to get a locker, but they’re not cheap. It is 6 euros for the whole day’s use with a 3 euro deposit and you have to queue to get one. It’s worth it for the peace of mind.
Aquopolis is not the best water park I’ve ever been to in terms of thrilling slides and the like. In terms of atmosphere and fun though, it was quite far up my list. The wave pool was probably the most disappointing feature which was almost expected.
Again, we took lunch with us to try and save a little money. We treated ourselves to a couple of drinks later and it wasn’t budget friendly. 2.99 euros for a medium coke, but this too was expected.
The staff and life guards here are fantastic and really made our day. We crammed ourselves into a dinghy (yes, all four of us and no, we’re not little) for the Magic Oval slide and although we were probably well over the weight limit the slide attendant laughed and kicked us down it anyway. Muchos screaming ensued.
The Rubber Dinghy Rapids were hilarious. It was more of a lazy river than a rapids but the four of us bustled about trying to beat each other to the bottom. A life guard jumped in on the fun and followed the boys to the bottom while another tipped me right out of my dinghy just after I jumped back in it.
The most controversial part of the day is awarded to the dolphin show, included in the price of your ticket. It is sad to see such wonderful creatures cooped up in captivity but I believe these were bred here and any attempt to engage in a midnight mission to set them free probably wouldn’t do them any good.

On the plus side, the dolphins looked to be in good condition, as did the sea lions, slouching about in the sun and dipping their toes(?) in the water. After the show, you can have your picture taken with one of the sea lions. I was completely in awe at how beautiful he was… and maybe a little bit frightened. He was huge. And he was snorting in my ear.
The photos were 12.50 euros each but part of the payment is donated to a sea lion charity. Which kinda makes ‘force feeding’ the sea lion lots of fish and making it pose with adults pretending to be children, more ethical.
Around the park are photographers, hoping to sell you a happy memory. We fell for it, mainly because between four of us the cost was minimal and it was probably the only picture to feature both me and my brother and STILL be quite a nice picture.
We had to give the flowers back
Aquopolis was an excellent day out and the six hours we were there flew by. It was definitely worth the wait and the money, if only to meet Mr Sea Lion.
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