Month 1 (June 2014) In A Nutshell… Money Matters
THIS, is a really delayed post. It’s also somewhat badly timed as I wanted to bring you the posts about living in Spain and working in Spain together. However, working in Spain is not going exactly as we planned and the research seems to be ongoing (read: I only just got my NIF number). So, instead, here we finally have the summary of our first month on the road. Please note: All costs are for two people!

Zoe Geography
Countries visited: 4
Cities/Towns visited: 9
No. of beds slept in: 10
Modes of transport: Plane, train, tram, trolley bus, taxi, bus and coach
Distance travelled: 2810 miles (4523 km)
No. of time zones survived: 3
No. of languages encountered: 4
Money Matters
Accommodation: £319.17
Food: £184.63
Entertainment: £151.13
Activities: £64.76
Transport: £147.19
Internet: £0
Visas: £0
Extras: £31.26
Flights: £177.38
Total money spent: £1075.52
Daily Average: £33.61
If you’ve been reading Moomads at all, you might know that we spent more time in Hungary than we first intended to. If truth be known, Budapest wasn’t really on our list of places to see until we booked the tickets. Luckily for us, the city has loads to see and do. It has the most relaxed atmosphere and everywhere we went, we found something quirky to enjoy.
Moey’s Top 3 things to do in Budapest:
  1. Ruin Bars for a cheap and great night out
  2. Fisherman’s Bastion for awesome views of the Danube (FREE!)
  3. Szechenyi Baths for serious relaxation
Accommodation: £67.78
Food: £32.48
Entertainment: £19.31
Activities: £22.78
Transport: £39.56
Internet: £0
Visas: £0
Extras: £12.48 (I needed a new bikini. My old one turned a strange orange colour after visiting Szechenyi Baths)
Flights: £51.98 (London Luton, England to Budapest, Hungary one way)
Total (over 8 days): £246.37
Daily Average: £30.79
We visited two towns/cities in Romania; Sighisoara and Bucharest. Each gave me completely different feels. I loved Sighisoara and all of it’s picturesque qualities but Bucharest was hectic and felt overwhelming.
Though Romania was cheap, we over indulged with accommodation in Sighisoara and when in Bucharest we lapsed into daily fast food.
Moey’s Top 3 things to do in Sighisoara:
  1. Buy beer, it’s about 60p a bottle
  2. Sit in the Old Town Square and people watch (FREE!)
  3. Climb the Covered Stairway (FREE!)
Moey’s Top 3 things to do in Bucharest:
  1. Eat out in the Old Town for great Romanian food
  2. Visit the Palace of Parliament (The second largest administrative building in the world)
  3. Take a day train to Transylvania for breathtaking sights
Accommodation: £62.23
Food: £66.54
Entertainment: £19.76
Activities: £0
Transport: £36.69
Internet: £0
Visas: £0
Extras: £0.39
Total (over 6 days): £185.61
Daily Average: £30.94
Bulgaria was a huge surprise to me. Out of season, we really felt immersed in Bulgarian culture. I think it helped that everyday we ate a typical breakfast of cheese, tomatoes and Bulgarian doughnuts and had a simple Bulgarian meal prepared for us every evening.
If you are ever staying in Veliko Tarnovo, be sure to stay at Hostel Mostel. The prices are cheap for what you get, the location is superb and the staff are wonderful. A truly incredible place.
We stopped in three locations across Bulgaria; Veliko Tarnovo, Plovdiv and Sofia. In hindsight we should have spent less time in Plovdiv and more time in Sofia. Maybe then we would have seen a little bit of Sofia before we left.
Moey’s Top 3 things to do in Veliko Tarnovo:
  1. Buzludzha Monument – hire a car/driver to get you here and GET INSIDE (FREE!)
  2. See the Tsarevets Fortress Light show. We actually didn’t but we wanted to… so bad. (FREE!)
  3. Try Parlenki, it’s the best garlic bread I have ever had
Moey’s Top 3 things to do in Plovdiv:
  1. Go to the Ale House for help yourself beer
  2. Take generic photos of Phillipopolis Amphitheatre Ruins (FREE!)
  3. Get a huge ice cream from one of the street stalls
I can’t honestly give you a Top 3 list for Sofia because I really didn’t see enough. However, you can read about my amazing pork pasta and the disappointing monuments here.
Accommodation: £159.16
Food: £39.77
Entertainment: £28.72
Activities: £41.98
Transport: £25.10
Internet: £0
Visas: £0
Extras: £10.70
Total (over 11 days): £305.43
Daily Average: £27.76
Okay, so now we’re in Spain. Before settling where I am currently writing from, we enjoyed a free holiday on the Costa Brava. I hear your cogs turning… how can I call it a free holiday when we have spent money on food and entertainment?
The hefty entertainment bill was money we spent on my family while we were staying with them. I don’t regret a penny of it, it was amazing. The food expenses were actually what we spent in Barcelona and McDonalds… Lesson learned guys, don’t use your card when you’re tired.
Moey’s Top 3 things to do in Barcelona:
  1. Wander the streets of the Gothic Quarter (FREE!)
  2. Marvel at the architecture, outside of Sagrada Familia (FREE!)
  3. Take a walk through Park de Ciutadella  (FREE!)
There was one other place I feel I should mention and that I really hope to see myself. That is Park Güell. For more information on Barcelona visit this super awesome site which pretty much sums up all the great things to do in Barca (click here).
Moey’s Top 3 things to do in Santa Susanna:
  1. Sunbathe… Anywhere (FREE!)
  2. Walk along the main strip at night for nice trinket stalls and good vibes (FREE!)
  3. Eat at the Maui Beach Club restaurant and watch the sun set
Moey’s Top 3 things to do in Salou:
  1. PortAventura. The No.1 thing to do in Salou. (Post coming soon)
  2. Have a cocktail at Koko Beach Club and watch the sun set (seriously the best Strawberry Daiquiri ever)
  3. Drink beer on the beach in your own private tent (best at night)
When I asked Mike what his favourite things to do in Salou were, he said, “We’re not really done with Salou.” He’s right, of course, we live just down the road and we have plans to see and do things when our families come to stay. For now, these are our top 3 things to do in Salou but it’s likely to change.
Accommodation: £30  
Food: £45.84
Entertainment: £83.34
Activities: £0
Transport: £45.84
Internet: £0
Visas: £0
Extras: £7.69

Flights: £125.40
Total (over 7 days): £338.11
Daily Average: £48.30

And that’s it, ladies and gents! The two of us have spent just £1075.52 for a month of travel through four countries. We’re now pretty settled in Spain. The plan was to work for the summer and recoup some of these expenses but the shit hit the fan… as it usually does.
Keep reading for information on working in Spain! (Or not… as it turns out)
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