The Stuff We Had To Buy Again (Pre-Trip Expenses)

I’m really sorry that this post is actually a week late. There’s been a bit of chaos in the Moomads head quarters that sort of involves manic depression, anxiety and lots of annoying stuff. But… moving on. This blog won’t write itself!

This post is bringing you a rundown of all the gear we’ve had to buy to make our dream trip a reality. The process involved lots of spending, research and decisions on whether we REALLY needed stuff and we’re going to share it all with you.

So, without much ado, here’s our list of pre-trip gear that we’ve forked out on. This is not an exhaustive list of what we’re taking away, this is just what we’ve had to buy this month to make our trip more comfortable.

Backpacks – £58.48 (that’s right, for TWO backpacks!)
A 35L Mountain Life backpack and a 35L Trespass backpack. We received a heavy discount since we bought them in outlet centres and then a further 10% discount because we’re employees of the centre!

Electronics – £258.99
A Medion 10″ Netbook, because a tablet and a smart phone aren’t suitable for films and updating our IPods. Writing for any extended amount of time on the tablet is also a chore. We also bought a neoprene case to protect the netbook and a leather flip case for Mike’s IPhone.

Remember in my last post I sold my Olympus camera and my IPod Touch? I replaced them with cheaper, more compact versions. A £20 IPod mini, so that I can have my own playlist and a £40 Panasonic Point and Shoot. The Panasonic is a dream because you can choose aperture and shutter speed settings, but it also works quickly to auto focus and is small enough to squeeze in my bag.

Toiletries – £25.55
Toiletries were (surprisingly) quite a challenging part of our pre trip expenses. After all, we can only take so many liquids on board… Here is a list within a list for you. List Inception!

  • Shampoop bars from Lush x 2 – £12 (to avoid taking up precious nail varnish space in the liquids pack, one has a built in conditioner)
  • Dry shampoop from Lush – £3.75 (the powder type, that lasts forever)
  • Dove soap bars x 2 – £1
  • Lady Slicers razors – £1
  • Deodorant x 2 – £2
  • Liquid pack x 2 – £2
  • Washbag from ebay x 2 – £2
  • Soap bar case x 3 – £1.80 (we actually only needed 2 in the end)

Unless otherwise specified, everything was bought in Savers and Wilkos to keep costs to a minimum.

    Medical Supplies – £5.38
    Mike is a walking pill box but we had to buy extras, for those times… you know. Again, everything is from Wilkos and Savers.

    • Paracetamol – £0.35
    • Plasters – £1.07
    • Antihistemenes – £3.96

    Clothes – £81.67
    We obviously already own clothes but we needed a few pieces that were versatile enough to take away and wear in a range of climates. You can see a full list of what we’re taking very soon when I upload a “what’s in our pack” post.

    Extra Accessories – £66.45
    I’ve dumped everything here that didn’t really fit into another category. Two sleeping bag liners, a rain cover for Mike’s backpack (I already had one built in), two microfibre travel towels, packing cubes and a packaway daypack for Mike.

    Online Subscriptions – £40
    We signed up to Couchsurfing and Workaway to help us meet locals and find cheap accommodation if we’re stuck without money/ our cards are cancelled/ we’re rendered homeless. It happens.

    The only thing left to buy is insurance. We intend to buy just 6 months in case our plans change while we’re travelling. We’ve allowed ourselves £100 for an insurance policy that covers us both.

    Altogether, we’ve spent £491.14 on things that we didn’t already have but wanted to take. Of course, you might not need these things. We might find that we don’t need these things. But here it is, the cost of pre-trip gear! Our allowance was £1000 for pre-trip gear and first flights and in the end we only spent £583.12. Almost half what we expected!

    Has this list been helpful to you? We’re so proud to come in under budget again! It was so hard not to buy lots of pretty things when we went shopping though…

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