Selling (Nearly) All Of Our Worldly Possessions

Selling your stuff is no easy feat but if you want to travel the world you might as well get rid of it. The cost of keeping “stuff” will eat into your travel savings (think storage containers at £7 a week). You can’t take it with you and your Mum and Dad don’t want it cluttering their space. You’ll find, that getting rid of your stuff is difficult but liberating.

I finally feel free.

We’ll start with the big stuff. I sold my printer for around £40 and Mum flogged my pretty much brand new TV for £100. It might seem strange but I also sold my chunky Olympus DSLR and my old Ipod Touch on Ebay for £60 and £40. I’ll be writing a post on how I quickly replaced these items when I realised I needed them for my sanity. However, in the short term, this all started off the savings pretty nicely.

TIP: Get a massive vodka bottle from your nearest Wetherspoons and everytime you sell something or find change PUT IT IN THE BOTTLE. Literally watching your savings grow is a huge incentive to save money.

Moving on, I once owned over 40 dresses and 20 pairs of shoes. Sat here today I have 4 dresses and 3 pairs of shoes. I bagged up all of my clothes; Sell, Charity and Rags. Rags was essentially a bin, and would normally be a bin for those of you unfortunate enough not to be paid for your rags like I was. But if you want to do a little extra, you can also take these down to your local charity store. Charity shops are paid for their rags (at least, the one I worked in was) and every little helps… right?

The clothes I was selling were then sold at a boot sale and on Ebay.

The Boot Sale half was joined by various other bits and pieces that I didn’t want or need any more; bags, shoes, books. Mum and Dad (saints that they are) sold EVERYTHING. I made £120.

So. Much. Monies.

 The stuff on Ebay sold for over £60.

Everything was going really well until the day before I was due to list my laptop on Ebay. I dropped it on the floor. And it broke :(. Hoping it was under some sort of warranty (knowing I don’t buy into all that ‘crap’ usually) I took it back to the shop and stated that it had “just stopped working.” Interestingly, they didn’t sell that model any longer. I could either send the laptop away to have it fixed within the week or I could choose something else from the catalogue of the same value.

So, like any NORMAL person would, I chose an Ipad Mini (mwahahaa) complete with case. And I sold that instead, for £220. Which is probably £170 more than I would have received for my year old laptop.

All in all, selling my stuff was a complete success. I made £640 and I’ve been recommending to everyone around me to cut back on the crap and start spending on more meaningful experiences. Mike followed suit when he realised how small our room to share was. He parted with a few treasured items… some VERY treasured items which earnt us more than our car is worth (in particular, his beautiful, bouncing, baby guitar).

Aside from earning us some quick cash, getting rid of everything has left me feeling free. I don’t feel tied down to objects anymore. I actually feel like I can up and go whenever and wherever I want. Which is exactly what I wanted, and I’m loving it.

Next week I’ll be publishing two new posts in the Money Matters section of Moomads. One will be our usual Monthly Spends for April, the other will be a detailed list of pre-trip gear that we have had to buy and what it has all come to. If you’re looking for a real life example of what getting prepared to travel the world costs then, seriously, come back next week.

In the meantime, tell me how you’re sorting and organising your stuff. Are you leaving it behind to come back to? Or are you getting rid of it all in the hope that you can afford to buy it all if and when you get back?

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