How To Dress For An Interview, The Zoe Way…

It’s funny that the first thing most people will think about, when offered an interview, is what to wear. I guess appearances count but I tend to have a much more relaxed view of the “Smart Casual” get up and I think it works in my favour. My best friend suits and boots when she’s invited to an interview and although it shows you’ve made an effort I feel sometimes it is inappropriate for some positions.

Here’s my limited wardrobe turned into 3 awesome interview get ups.

This whole situation of ‘what to wear’ has become increasingly more difficult since I have limited my wardrobe to whatever will fit into my 35 litre backpack alongside all the other things I plan to take away with me. It equates to one packing cube of approximately 30cmx30cm. Still, I have three interview garb options.


This is the safe option. A £5 dress that I bought at Primark (for £3.70, it had a hole in) originally for Halloween 2013. It’s a little worn, threads keep coming off it. But I check they’re not noticeable before I leave the house. 
Little Black Dresses are the best thing to ever happen to a travelling wardrobe, and I’ve not even started travelling. But if they work this well in a LIMITED wardrobe then I can only imagine they continue to work on different continents. This dress is great because it has ¾ length sleeves to cover my bingos and keep me warm in the winter. It is quite short (though sometimes I think that’s more an issue with my particular body length) so I team it with black leggings.

If I’m feeling particularly brave, I wear colourful print leggings but I wouldn’t recommend this for an interview for a position with higher calibre, (for example, a managerial role). I tend to chuck on my red, gold and black pashmina just to add some warmth and interest to my outfit but this can be removed during the interview.

I wore this for a Bar Team Leader interview and I got the job.


I mentioned that the last outfit (The Simple with the coloured leggings) probably wasn’t suitable for a managerial role. The Sophisticate is your best choice here. In my limited wardrobe I have sacrificed a pretty dress for a men’s shirt. Why? Because it was available to me, I like the colour (turquoise) and men’s shirts are surprisingly versatile. This again, is another post completely that I have yet to write, but I’m getting there. How does it work in this instance? Put the shirt on, button it up (except the top one or two buttons) and then put your dress on over the top. Roll up the sleeves to meet your dress and voila! If you’re cold wear some leggings or tights, if it’s summer you can get away with going bare. I haven’t tried this combination in an interview but I promise you it gives off an air of cool, class.


Now this is not named because the outfit makes me look sloth-like in anyway. It’s because the outfit literally incorporates a sloth. In the form of a brooch. I have a cheap foil-ly looking dress in neutral colours that I wear with black leggings and a beige cardigan. This all looks a bit mumsy until BAM, on goes the sloth.

Now tell me this outfit is not awesomely cute. I use this combination of clothes when I’ve got nothing to lose. It’s smart but it’s also casual. No ironing is involved thanks to the material of the dress. I have a new pair of glasses which look a little 90’s fancy dress, and I think they set off the whole outfit.

I’ve been offered two jobs in this outfit. Sandwich Artist and Retail Supervisor.

I guess, this is my post that says, wear what you think will make an impact. A white shirt and black trousers isn’t always the best way to go. Sometimes, people like to see your creativity and flair. Use your style (or my style) to stand out from the crowd.
 Who else likes to make an impact and doesn’t stick to the norm of coats and tails? 
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