March 2014, England In A Nutshell: Money Matters

March was a stressful month for myself. My relationships at work fell apart after some nasty business happened to me. I handed in my notice, and I left a few days later. Check out what else I’ve been up to this month.

Daenerys Targaryen, Mother of Dragons

It seems pointless to add a map here. We all know I’m in Spalding and I haven’t been anywhere else this month. So here’s a picture of my favourite 13 year old, female, bad ass, book character.

This month, I’ve been to a lot of interviews, I’ve spent Mother’s Day with my fabulous Mum, I’ve been so hungover that I’ve had blood in my sick and I’ve obsessed over how to get my hair exactly the same as Daenerys Targaryen’s. I started the 100 Happy Days project, I’ve tried TWO new local restaurants, and challenged myself to both reading all of the Game of Thrones books and becoming a Pokémon Master.

I’ve been busy, even if it has been majoritively from my bed.


Lodging: £0

Food: £121.50

Entertainment (inc. alcohol): £145.66

Activities: £6.75

Transport: £205.14

Misc: £34.61

Internet (inc. phone bills): £42.15

Visas: £0

TOTAL: £555.81

Well, I think that’s a success. I know we had an expensive month in February with our trip to the Harry Potter studios but it was still a shorter month. This month, our spends came in less than last (thank God). It looks as though we spent a lot more on alcohol, but we have moved our frequent dinners out from “Food” to “Entertainment.” We do tend to eat out for the entertainment factor as opposed to needing to eat, so it’s only fair.

We also had a £40ish phone bill that didn’t need to be paid last month. Something I won’t miss when we get going.

Unexpected Splurges: £107.08 (Mostly pre-trip gear expenses, which we knew would be costly for two people)

GRAND TOTAL: £662.89 (Daily Avg. £21.38)

Our grand total has come in at least £150 less than last month. We still have travel insurance, some items of clothing and toiletries to buy for our trip. But once this is done, we will have bought everything we need and we can get stuck back into the budget.

At the end of next months spending summary (April) I will summarise how much the pre-trip gear has cost us altogether, to help you plan and budget your trip abroad. By the end of May’s summary, I will have a finalised account of our savings and what we plan to start traveling with. So stay tuned for a two part finance post in May!

Thank you to Shannon at A Little Adrift once again for the spreadsheet.

How is everyone else’s budget and saving going?

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