February 2014, England In A Nutshell: Money Matters

February was quite an exciting month for us. We splashed out and visited the Harry Potter Studios. We planned to spend a little longer making the most of London but we ended up meeting some family for dinner and spending way too long in the gift shop. The map shows you where we needed to go for the day.



Lodging: £0

Food: £149.59

Entertainment (inc. alcohol): £80.39

Activities: £62

Transport: £223.73

Misc: £53.19

Internet (inc. phone bills): £0

Visas: £0

TOTAL: £568.90

We didn’t do so well this month. The visit to London really did blow our budget but we had a great time and it was probably worth it. We have been good mostly (:

Our unexpected splurges were also quite high. Mike got an ill and had to pay for prescription meds, we bought a new laptop to take away with us (the tablet unfortunately just isn’t going to cut it), and we’ve bought a few other bits and bobs.

Unexpected Splurges: £263.71 (Ouch!)

GRAND TOTAL: £832.61 (Daily Avg. £29.73)

It’s a bit sad that we blew our budget. We’re trying to survive on less than £25 a day between the two of us but it is hard and I guess when we spread the cost of the laptop out over the length of our trip it should work out. We shall have to wait and see.

Thank you to Shannon at A Little Adrift once again for the spreadsheet.

How is everyone else’s budget and saving going?

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2 thoughts on “February 2014, England In A Nutshell: Money Matters

  1. There's something to be said about the price of stress; you saved a lot in that department. Good decision to buy a laptop as tablets just aren't robust enough. Not only can you install bona-fide programs on a laptop (like photo editing software), on your trip you'll need a lot more memory and power than a tablet can provide!


  2. Hi Linda, thanks for dropping by! I completely agree about the laptop. Writing a blog post on the tablet (even with a mini keyboard attached) takes three times as long as it does on the laptop.


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