January 2014, England In A Nutshell: Money Matters

We’re still here, in little ol’ Spalding, but as you might have read, we’ve changed a few things up this month. We’ve embarked on our first housesitting assignment together, we’ve travelled back to Lincoln (where all these big dreams began), we’ve secured our first pair of one way flights AND we’ve bought our backpacks.

Let’s get started… Here’s a map to show you where Lincoln is, as our housesitting assignment was still in Spalding and everyone should know where that is by now:


Lodging: £0 (Yes! We’re still not spending any money on lodging.)

Food: £218.62

Entertainment (inc. alcohol): £78.15

Activities: £15

Transport: £186.90

Misc: £23.28

Internet (inc. phone bills): £42

Visas: £0

TOTAL: £563.95

Before moving on, I would just like to point out how low our Misc spends are this month compared to last (£87.46 in Dec 2013) and give ourselves a pat on the back. We’ve successfully stopped buying crap.

Now this next part is going to look pretty bad. We pride ourselves on (read: obsess over) being a couple that survives on less than £25 a day together, but this next part blows that out of the water. Here’s how:

Unexpected Splurges: £176.49 (on car stuff and glasses).

Fortunately we actually put money aside for this next part…

Pre-trip gear and flights
Here you’ll find a run down of buying our first flights (and how cheap they were) but I’ll quickly just say that £51 worth of flights makes the monthly summary look bad. That along with £43 of (discounted) backpacks makes us want to cry.

But get this…

GRAND TOTAL: £836.40 (Daily Avg. £26.98)

Just £2 more per day than our intended budget. Considering we put just under £1000 away to cover things like first flights, backpacks, insurance, vaccinations etc, I think we can still say we’re on budget! My expenses sheet that collects the information over the full four months I’ve kept it tells me we average at just over £23 per day for the two of us!


How is everyone else’s budget and saving going?

Thank you to Shannon at A Little Adrift once again for the spreadsheet.

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