How To Make Your First Booking, Like A Boss…

This is how you do it. Quick, easy and really sets your dream in motion. This only really works in Europe, but if you’re in America or Oceania consider your budget airline options and follow suit for cheap flights.

1. Download the skyscanner app. (Or visit their website for you laptoppers.)

2. Select your departure country and then choose EVERYWHERE and depart ANY. Choose the amount of passengers and your preferred cabin class (mine’s ECONOMY because I have no money). Oh, also select whether you want return tickets or one-way.

3. SEARCH and you get a list of countries with the lowest prices to fly to.

4. This is the fun part. Choose a destination you like the sound of, choose a city to fly into and then choose one that you’re happy to fly out of. Skyscanner will show you a graph of all the flight prices on all of the days, you just need to choose one.

5. Choose the day you want to fly, check out the airline that is providing that flight and go straight to their official page. Check their carry-on allowance (especially if you do not plan to check your luggage, Wizz Air have carry-on luggage charges) and then book directly through them.

Now, more exciting news. This is exactly how I booked our first one way flights out of the UK. I managed to save £5 between the pair of us by booking directly through Ryanair’s cheap flights app after finding the flight on the amazing Skyscanner app. We paid just £51 with card fees and booking fees included for the two of us.


Budapest –

Visiting Europe, for us, is ridiculously cheap (as you can see) but we still had to be careful not to blow our budget, which limited us in where we could go.

Spain, France and the Netherlands were all top on our list but scarily expensive to live (we’re cheapskates). We’re not crossing them off our list but we want our money to go as far as possible in the first few months. Which left us looking at Eastern Europe. After my amazing city break in Tallinn, Estonia I was sold on the 87p beers and £150 monthly rent of countries like Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania. So this is exactly where we are going.

With the help of the Man in Seat Sixty-One, I have devised a travel route from Budapest (Hungary) to Belgrade (Serbia), and then onwards to Sofia (Bulgaria). We have a few friends visiting Bulgaria in July, so it’s tempting to visit them and Sunny Beach (not a video from Sunny Beach, by the way, just a video of a drunk lady on the beach) but as it stands our train route will take us from Sofia to Plovdiv (Bulgaria), Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria) and then into Romania, stopping at Bucharest.

From here things are hazy, if our money situation is still pretty good we want to continue back towards Budapest (flights seem to be cheapest leaving from here for other long haul destinations) visiting Brasov and Sighisoara (both very exciting Romanian towns, so I have heard). If the money is dwindling, we want to take advantage of the fact we can work legally in these countries without any extra visa costs (or complications, fingers crossed). But this is a whole other post to come…

So there we have it. Our summer 2014 travel plans which will probably change as soon as we reach our first destination.

Anyone else going to be in Budapest in June? We would love to meet up for a beer or a soak in a city bath… oooo, that thought warms my little winter toes right now.
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