I Graduated Once: Lincoln, England

I think it’s time I wrote about graduation… quickly. I graduated in 2012 in Media Production at Lincoln Cathedral.

I am Zoe Johanna Townsend-Sawyer BA Hons.

But most people know me as Zoe.

Graduating, don’t get me wrong, was awe inspiring. I was so proud of the three years I had laboured over my work, some of which I wouldn’t ever display again (believe me, there is such a learning curve over three years). But in reality, graduation day, I felt, was a farce.

It is compulsory to wear certain clothing (ie. the cloak and hat) which you are MADE to pay around £80 for. Then your parents are sucked in to the common misconception that they must buy every piece of merchandise (a further £100) and extra tickets are £25 each (bad news for you guys with brothers, sisters, extra mums and extra dads).

Graduation day is a reason to celebrate, yes. I had a wonderful day, yes. But the price of walking across the stage, fearing the fact you might not get cheered (everyone else does) and clumsily taking your brown envelope full of grades you already know you have, is not worth it. I would rather have taken that money and spent it on my family, who were there for me every step of the way; receiving my drunk phone calls in the middle of the night, talking me out of depression when the counsellor couldn’t figure out what was wrong and reading my dissertations and projects from start to end multiple times. They gave me the will to complete it all when I had relationship troubles and when my friends abandoned me.

I love you all, graduation day was a day that I cherish because it was a day dedicated to you. Not to me and the snape cape I was lucky enough to wear. But to you, my parents and my close family, that kept me going and never let me give up.

I wish my mother hadn’t deleted her facebook, subsequently deleting all of the pictures of our family at graduation. This is all I have left…


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