Going Pink for Clic: Charity Events

If you’re a regular follower of my sometimes mundane ramblings you will know that thanks to where I work I am often involved with charity events, mostly for CLIC Sargent. Well, this time… I created the event.

The conversation with my friend and manager went a little like this:

Me: We need to do something to get in the *insert company name here* news. (I was feeling on top after my Mike Wazowski moment the previous month, where my face was mostly printed over in the coverage of our charity bungee jump.)

Friend: Well, let’s think of something…

Me: I know some people are interested in doing a sky dive…

Friend: No, that endangers my life.

Me: Okay, Boston are walking from London to Brighton next year…

Friend: No, that means getting fit and being athletic.

Me: Let’s hitchhike as far as we can get in 24 hours!

Friend: Endangering life again.

So feeling pretty deflated that I couldn’t get my friend on board I randomly suggested that we just dye our hair pink. This went down a treat! So, that was that, we were going to dye our hair pink and host a pink and white day at work.

I stood patiently waiting at 5:50AM, outside of work, in my pink pig onesie with my bright pink hair and my bright pink lipstick, getting the strangest looks from others turning up to their respective restaurants, pubs, shops and trades to open up.

But do you know what? We only bloody went and pulled it all off!

We raised just over £200 and we had one of the busiest Saturdays we have had in a while. The majority of us wore onesies for added comical effect and endured the laughter from our surprised regulars that don’t read our posts about our upcoming events.

Here are some pictures from the day.

It’s been two weeks since the event, my friend has recently dyed her hair brown to rid herself of the pink before her big holiday to the Cape Verde Islands (well, jelly by the way) and I’m still fake laughing along with the customers that make jokes about my fuschia locks.

But I don’t care. We raised some money for kids this Christmas and I feel proud to have lead this event.

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