November 2013, England In A Nutshell: Money Matters

Second installment of the Monthly Spends collection… late, again. But here we go anyway…
Not much has changed from October, I still live in Spalding, England but I like it a lot more than I used to.


Lodging: £0 / $0

Food: £157.41 / $257.91

Entertainment (inc. alcohol): £96.60 / $158.30

Activities: £25.70 / $42.11

Transport: £166.54 / $272.91

Misc: £89.70 / $146.99

Internet (in. phone bills): £43.28 / $70.92

Visas: £0 / $0

TOTAL: £579.23
Considerably lower than last months expenditures but I feel this was due to only filling the car up once this month and also the fact we didn’t need to spend on too many Unexpected Splurges.

Our entertainment sector is quite high due to the hefty amount spent on alcohol for Mike’s birthday but it just shows that we can have a good time AND stick to budget.

Unexpected Splurges: £32 / $52.44 for replacement car battery

GRAND TOTAL: £611.23 / $1001.62 (Daily Avg. £20.37 / $33.38)

The exchanges to American dollars shown are right at the time of December 2013 and all figures shown are for two people. Thank you to Shannon at A Little Adrift once again for the spreadsheet template.

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