I Walked Out Of My Well Paid Job: Peterborough, England

Look at that picture. Who wouldn’t want to arrive at work every day with that view.

I thought we had made a decision that would see us right until we left the country but we couldn’t have been more wrong. Mike had landed the perfect job as a restaurant manager and had conveniently got me a position as a bar associate/ waitress/ cleaner/ chalkboard writer (I said Mike’s job was perfect… not mine).

I hastily handed my notice in at my current workplace and started thinking about the pros of working with Mike again…

  1. More time together (we had been on opposite shifts for so long now)
  2. Being able to split the work load fairly, no more relying on people that let you down
  3. Less petrol expenditure when we’re both working in the same place

It all lasted a month before things fell apart at the seams. Our bosses consistently pushed us to work through our breaks and demanded that we work bank holidays without pay or days off in exchange elsewhere. They routinely left their plates on the sides for us to clean up, ask us for drinks when we’re clearly busy with other duties and expected full table service. The nights that they came to the restaurant for dinner weren’t a problem, it was the days that they were working and on shift and still expecting full waiter service that bugged me.

I felt like a private butler and I felt like a door mat. All rolled into one.

But this wasn’t what drove us out… oh no… what really got our goat was lounging into work one day to find the whole place saturated with the smell of marijuana. We were expected to open the restaurant just one hour later. It wasn’t possible. Neither was I cleaning up their mess.

Do your weed, but don’t do it in the workplace where it is going to affect all of your employees.

After a short chat with our landlady, we came to be aware that our wages were paid from the money earned through selling said substance. That was the last straw. Mike angrily slammed himself in the car and told me to get in too. We escaped to the nearest Wetherspoon and weighed up our options.

Stay and possibly face consequences of hiding and supporting the sale of drugs (especially as we were in charge of the property for the next week thanks to their sodding off on holiday the next day).

Go and be jobless, back to square one, no income for our big plans.

We settled on leaving. We drove home and we never looked back. It’s a shame because the food at this place was outstanding and by far the best English pub in the area. But I know we made the right choice.


Mike’s now happily employed in a retail store management position. I’m now back working where I was before and have been shortlisted for a promotion. Things are better than they’ve ever been. I’ve also got exciting news coming up, regarding our travel plans, so be sure to check back next week!


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