October 2013, England In A Nutshell: Money Matters

I don’t intend to step on anyone’s toes here, I have just decided to upload our expenditures per month as a record for both ourselves and to help people budget in the countries that we’re visiting.

Lauren Juliff (Never Ending Footsteps) has wonderful monthly summaries that are a great read and I used Shannon O’Donnel’s (A Little Adrift) spreadsheet template (because I’m too lazy to make my own) so I most definitely do not claim this idea as my own, it is merely here to help if you need it.

As the title of this post says, this was our expenditure from October 2013 living in Spalding, England.

Which is located here.

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It’s not the cheapest of places to live. It’s pretty standard by UK prices. Cheaper than London and there’s not very much to do in the area so you don’t feel tempted to spend all your money.


(All figures rounded to the nearest whole for ease and dollars are only approximate according to exchange rate in Dec’ 2013 from Google. These figures are for two people over the course of one month.)

Lodging: £0 / $0

Food: £160 / $261

Entertainment (inc. ALCOMAHOL): £58 / $95

Activities: £15 / $24

Transport: £237 / $387

Misc: £162 / $264

Internet (inc. phone bills): £46 / $75

Visas: £0 / $0

Total: £676.76 / $1103.73

Now on first glance this is suspicious but let me help you figure this out. We spend no money on lodging because we are staying with family. I know it doesn’t represent living costs but there are ways and means of staying in England for free. Try couchsurfing, housesitting or calling your friends.

Our food total is what you might expect, however when you look at the spreadsheet you will see that it is made up of £1 coffees everyday and the odd family meal out. My parents do a weekly shop and we eat from that but if we were still living on our own the weekly shopping budget would be £30-£40 and so it balances out.

Our expenditure on alcohol was particularly low this month thanks to our Go Sober for October conquest.

Our transport bills might be unusually high because we have a car that costs a bomb to insure and run but is our only way of getting to and from work due to our unsociable working times (there are no buses at 2AM).

We don’t need visas to live and work in England because we are British citizens. EU citizens are also free to live and work here without visa constraints but it may be a different story for Americans.

Unexpected splurges: £140 / $228 on car repairs and £20 / $33 on glasses repairs

GRAND TOTAL: £836.76 / $1364.67 (Avg. Daily: £26.99 / $44.02)

[insert pic here]

Thank you to Shannon at A Little Adrift for the spreadsheet template.

What do you think? Is this post helpful to you? What else would you like to see in my Monthly Spends summaries?
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