The Land of Foreign Convenience Stores: Spalding, England

Spalding, when I first arrived was home to the well known Flower Parade. A cutesy little town in Lincolnshire with rivers and little cafes.

Upon returning from my years at uni I found that everything had changed. Spalding is now featured on Chav Towns and is shunned for it’s aggresive inhabitants.

What do I think Spalding is known for? International convenience stores.

Everywhere I turn are ‘foreign’ supermarkets.

A mishmash of very colourful, mixed nationality shopping paradises which seem to be rubbing up the old country bumkins the wrong way.

Ever changing as their income is too small, they close down and then reopen as a new Polish off license with a new name and a new lick of paint.

Whoever said people migrate to the capital for work and better life prospects was wrong. Everybody is checking out Spalding. It’s strange because the people here hate anybody that comes from anywhere other than Spalding.

Anyone else  found a weird pocket of some other nation in their hometown?
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