Go Sober For October: Charity Events

This is how Spalding put me off of alcohol… sort of.

No one really realises what they spend on alcohol on a weekly basis. After filtering through many “expenses” spreadsheets I have come to the quite horrifying conclusion that it is… well… a lot (and that’s putting it nicely). Before moving back to Spalding, my weekly expenditure on alcoholic beverages was probably double that of a normal person. This could only mean one thing… there was a negative correlation between my increasing debt and my drinking habit. After deciding that my overdraft was the next thing to be paid off, I began to curb my cravings.

After 6 months of slowly letting my love for wine go I have decided to knock it on the head completely for a month long experiment. It’s Stoptober. Everyone’s giving up smoking for their health. It’s also Go Sober for October. Everyone’s giving up alcohol for Macmillan. I’m a little late on the bandwagon, deciding the night before the 1st October that I wanted to take part, therefore I’m going sober for October in aid of the Bank of Moey (to those without prior knowledge of Moey, that is the Bank of Mike and Zoe).

We are not buying a drop of alcohol for the whole of October. I’m going to keep a quick short diary and fill you in when I can.

Friday 4th October 2013


Saturday 5th October 2013

Failed already. Mike bought a pint whilst waiting for a lift home last night. I guess we can let him off of £2.15. I found that on the floor.


Tuesday 8th October 2013

I managed to collect two drinks on our incentive scheme at work over the weekend, so I cashed those in FOR FREE. Mike had an extra pint at £2.15 because it takes me so long to do anything.


Sunday 13th October 2013

After a stressful day I bought two bottles of wine and a massive bar of Galaxy. I’m only human 😦


Wednesday 16th October 2013

Drank a left over glass of wine and immediately regretted it… should have just had a tea!


Friday 18th October 2013

Not sure how healthy all this tea is but definitely seeing a good result from not buying TOO MUCH alcohol. Tonight is another chance to win a drink on our incentive scheme at work. If I can manage to sell an abundance of bombs or pitchers then Mike and I could be in for a nice treat next week. It would be nice to go out for one.


Sunday 20th October 2013

Nailed it last night. We took a grand over target which means FREE DRINKS. Wooo. I cashed them both in so that I didn’t upset stocks next week, which means there are two bottles of Becks sat in my fridge just screaming to be enjoyed.


Saturday 26th October 2013

No free drinks this weekend. We did so well last week we gave ourselves a lot to contend with. Feeling a little deflated but the end of the month isn’t far off.


Monday 28th October 2013

Energy bonus drink! As a team we’ve done so well to save energy that we all got a free drink! I was meeting Charlotte for a bevvy after work so I cashed in for a Magners.


Friday 1st November 2013

So… we weren’t exactly sober for October, but we learnt to be careful with our binge drinking. We took free drinks where we could and limited ourselves and the great thing about it is we don’t feel as though we’ve missed out. This is how our expenses looked at the end of the month… Entertainment is the money spent on alcohol but bear in mind £5.37 of that is money spent on games.

Who else has noticed how much they spend on beer? How are you fighting the craving?

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