Charity bungee jumping: Sheffield, England

So the day finally came to throw myself into an 150ft plummet to my probable death. Check out the face.

We were rushed through registering, chased up the multitude of stairs and ladders and told to wait. First Mike jumped, which is when it really settled in… I was next. The advice the guy gave me? ‘Stop freaking out,’ hardly a pep talk… I guess he wasn’t paid to talk people into trusting him.

Nonetheless, I raised about £120 so thanks to everyone that supported me! I totally recommend doing a bungee jump to anyone thinking about it. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

In terms of location and experience though, I suggest you take a good circle of friends to cheer you on because Magna @ Sheffield was a little soulless.

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1 thought on “Charity bungee jumping: Sheffield, England

  1. […] Me: We need to do something to get in the *insert company name here* news. (I was feeling on top after my Mike Wazowski moment the previous month, where my face was mostly printed over in the coverage of our charity bungee jump.) […]


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