Charity sky diving in Lincolnshire, England

I thought I should fill you in on the other charity event I’ve taken part in since I’m still trying to raise for my bungee jump in a months time. This was a sky dive in order to raise money for the East Anglian Air Ambulance. Again, let me reiterate how much I am terrified of heights. If I can find the DVD I promise to upload it. Believe me, it’s hilarious. Thanks to the sheer speed we were falling at my arms were uncontrollable (think Thunderbirds-esque limb movements).

The experience was one I won’t quickly forget. It was postponed for two months due to weather issues, but when I eventually dived the sights were beautiful. Now, I recommend a good sky dive to anyone, but those with a nervous disposition when it comes to jumping into rickety old propeller planes (and then out of them) expect to do another in your life. I, for one, don’t remember how great the experience was because I was so caught up in terror on the day.

I vaguely remember seeing sheep from very high up.You also get to wear this exceptionally fetching outfit.


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